Awesome tips to work faster on a software development job

Siraj Abbas
3 min readApr 23, 2017


We all want to get done our work faster.We always be like faster faster and even more faster.Some times we may work under deadlines.In those cases we wish to do our work super fast. Or else we order to subordinates to do faster, or shout them to become faster.

Here are some nice tricks and tips to be more productive and there by faster before you got fired.All these tips mentioned here are not from any books that I read.All these are discovered by myself or I forced to discover.

Here we go

Always go for keyboard shortcuts

Are you able to work on computer without mouse?Ask this question to yourself.

90% of mouse functionalities can be done through keyboard.Actually mouse was discovered for multimedia purposes.So being a software developer keyboard must be your first preference.It is helpful if you know the following keyboard shortcuts.

Chrome shortcuts

1 Use chromes task manager

Some times some of your chrome tabs may become unresponsive.You can kill those tabs or extensions using chromes inbuilt task manager.If you are on a windows os you can launch chromes task manager by pressing (SHIFT+ESC)

2.Reopen accidentally closed tabs

Press CTRL+SHIFT+T to reopen tabs that were accidentally closed or even after chrome has been crashed

3.Open new tab

Use CTRL+T to open new chrome tab

4.Close tabs

Use CTRL+W to close the current tab

5.Use space bar to scroll

If you were reading a long article or blog you can use space bar key to scroll down and shift +space bar to scroll-up

Other shortcuts

  1. Minimize all windows

On windows os press WINDOWS KEY+D.On mac OS press F11


use to convert any major image format into a highly optimized JPEG

Create a plan for tomorrow

This tip is applicable if you are working on multiple projects in parallel.I used to loose my daily half an hour to recollect the work status.In those cased before you leave office spent 5 minutes to create a plan for tomorrow.

dd-mm-yyyy work plan
— — — — — — — — — -
* do task a on project x

* continue task b on project y

* finish task c on project z

Utilize your smartphone


If you have short memory or if you begin to forget things you can create work related reminders on your smartphones.Now a days you need not to type a single letter to create a reminder.You can use your personal assistants like Siri or google Assistant.Just tell them to create a reminder on date & time on title X.

Smart applications

Install your office task management tool,messenger tools & Email clients on your smartphone so that you can check or communicate with team anytime.

Another way to be more productive is that always have a habit to keep important notes on your smartphones if you are in the middle of something.Use a cloud based note application so that you can access your notes anywhere on any device.My personal choice of note application is Evernote