Wanna Cry- The ransomware

Last few hours the hot topic on the internet is the wanna cry the ransomware¨.What exactly it is.Before that what is a ransomware.

What is ransomware?

Ransomware is a type of malware.Malware is the one which modifies or deletes our computers files or application software without our permission.In short it is a kind of computer virus.There are several types of malwares .Spywares and adwares are those kind of malwares. Ransomware is one of them.

So what harm does a ransomware?In short it will encrypt the files on our computer which no one can use anymore.They are using key based encryption algorithms.After the encryption they will ask money to do the reverse.If we are not able to give the money on right time it will automatically deletes the files.

wanna cry

So wanna cry is a type of ransomware which affected almost 2 lack pcś for the last two days.This ransomware spreads via emails.The creators of this send this bloody virus to a huge number of users.One speciality of this ransomware is that there is a possibility to spread over network if one computer on the network is affected.

The creators utilized a vulnerability in microsoft windows os.Not all windows os has this issue.Only windows xp,vista,,windows 8,server 2003,,2008 versions is under attack.Microsoft released a emergency security patch update to solve this issue.

The creators are asking for $300 equivalent bitcoins.Infected users need to send this before 3 days.If do so they will send the key to decrypt the files.Else they will delete all the files.

The reason why they are asking for bitcoins is that it is very safe.It is very difficult to track.

Who created wanna cry

A hacker group known a s shadow brokers stole it from National Security Agency(NSA) of USA.

wannacry infected regions




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