Work like a Pro-Programmer tips

Siraj Abbas
3 min readNov 20, 2017

Here I am sharing some simple workarounds that may help you to boost your work efficiency.

Lightshot application

If you are a windows user I highly recommend you to install the app called Lightshot. It is a tray application with basic functionality of screen capture.The advantage is that you can do number of things with the screenshot. You can select specific area of screen, add text to it, do pencil sketches,point certain areas with pencil.See the image below.

You can even copy the screen to the clipboard.I find this app for one of my daily task in office.I have to keep the record of total number of hits in a day for app server.For that I found this app. Daily morning I takes the screenshot of statistics and add date text via text tool, then copy it to the clipboard and forward it to the higher officials. Ultimately me and them are so happy.

Automatic source code backup script

Again this is also useful IF you are a windows os user and you don’t want to use any source control systems.

I was working on a small hobby project alone without using a source control system.For me I felt uncomfortable to take backups before start coding.Even sometimes I forget to take backup.At last I automated that with the help of Robocopy script and windows task scheduler within 5 minutes.

The following script will copy all the files from first directory and will create a folder named on todays date and copies the contents to that folder.

ROBOCOPY “D:\source directory” “D:\backups\%date%”

You can schedule this task on windows task manager as below.

  1. Create a bat file with the above script.Do the necessary changes on directory paths.(Open notepad-> paste script->save as task.bat)
  2. Schedule the task manger for a specific time in a day and browse the above bat file as task.You are done.No more backups.

hooray You are done.Never worry about backups.See the screens fro reference.

Organize desktop short cuts

I have a daily task at my office on every morning.My first task of a day is to collect the server logs and prepare the report for last day.For that I need to use a set of tools like(weblog expert,browser,RDP etc).I organized my desktop ions in such a way that the right top corner contains the shortcuts for the above tools and right bottom corner contains my other tools like IDE,messengers etc…So that I can launch the first set of tools and close the reporting task within a few minutes.Then launches the other softwares & programms. By this I saves lot of time,I don’t need to search the reporting apps from start-menu.I can easily launch from respective groups.

Startup applications

Usually I use a set of software for my coding activities.For those who are like me this will help them.I need webstorm(IDE),Telegram, Opera browser, Postman rest client & studio3T for daily work routines.So I added these programms in startup items and those items will auto start when I logon to PC.I will start my pc and plan my daily works.All the softwares will be launched before the plan ready. can start working without waiting to launch them.For windows users type “shell:startup” on run menu and it will open a folder.Paste the shortcuts of the items you wish to autorun.It will autostart those items.